web tool bars

unleash your imagination

  • create custom web site tool bars

    Build robust social media web toolbars. Increase traffic to your website using kuuler toolbars. Kuuler toolbars is a saas environment to make building toolbars over the internet. You just need an internet connection and begin engagign with customers, clients and users. Click here to see tool bar example.

  • social media web site tool bars

    ADD social media to your website with no programming. Twitter, Flickr Photo Gallery, Facebook, You Tube Videos, and more Custom website links to your products and services pages Add Google+, Share buttons Custom Themes and more.

  • saas environment

    Your self service application for building website toolbars using latest internet libraries. The easy-to-use user interface makes it simple to configure and install website toolbars. Engage your users with colorful toolbar themes and style and make changes anytime.

  • brand awareness

    Use our powerful platform to increased user engagement with your users. Brand your products using Kuuler toolbars, change the look and feel of your custom toolbar. Add toolbars to your blog and start engaging with your users.

toolbars & social media management

Click here to see tool bar example. The Kuler Toolbar extension is for business’ of any manner and very easy to add custom toolbars to your website. Click here to see a short video of the toolbar in action. Kuuler toolbars site management and setup make it a breeze to manage your social media toolbars. With Kuuler Toolbars single sign-on, you can manage all of your advertising, social media applications, and custom links in a centralized place without worrying about uploading files or server interaction.

toolbars tracking content clicks

Find out what your users are doing on your site, where they are logging in from, and track your most popular links.

build dynamic tool bars without programming

Now the best parts, you don't need any programming skills to add social media tool bars to your web site. Just follow the steps from the registration page to create your tool bar.